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The cost and features of licences for Gig Control are presented below. See full licence terms and conditions here .



Demo or 'try before you buy' version. All functionality is enabled but with a limit to the number of Songs which can be saved and loaded (five). If you register your details you will be issued with a licence key and it will start normally. If you do not register then you will be prompted to provide your key each time Gig Control starts.



Standard version. Includes all functionality except for Procedures and the Looper module. Procedures give you the ability to program sets of events which are initiated by incoming Triggers, from common events such as Song start, or from the Actions within Songs. Very useful for midi translation and for exchanges with midi equipment such as a mixing desk or an FX unit. The Looper module provides the functions of a sophisticated 8-track Looper Pedal.

EUR 69


Full functionality. This licence is intended for single users only. You may install and run Gig Control on any of your own computers but we ask, in the event that the software is installed elsewhere (such as at a concert veneue), that you uninstall afterwards.

EUR 119


Professional version. As for the PRO version but intended for organisations, companies or groups where there will be multiple users of Gig Control (for example a company providing live sound). This is effectively a bundle of three PRO licences but as a bonus you may have as many installations and users as you wish.

EUR 350

Once a licence has been purchased it may be upgraded to a higher licence level. The cost for the upgrade is set at the difference between the two licence costs plus 20%.

The initial licence entitles you to free Gig Control updates for a period of 12 months. After this period you may extend the update period annually at a cost of 20% of the licence.

Please register to start the purchase process : or download the Demo version without registering :

If you do not register then each time you start Gig Control you will be asked to enter your key and you will need to cancel the dialogue to continue in DEMO mode.

If you already have a licence for Gig Control and wish to upgrade then please login to view the update options available to you :


Please contact us if you have any questions or queries.

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trial version

The trial version of Gig Control is free, and has all features enabled. The sole restriction is that only five Songs can be loaded or saved. See the PURCHASE page for details.

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