Gig Control Features

Here we introduce an overview of the main features of Gig Control. Below you will find examples of the main operating screens of Gig Control. Try Gig Control today with our free full-feature trial version.


  • At the heart of Gig Control are the Songs. A Song is typically built around one or more audio files. In addition a Song may have loops (repeated sections) and also timed Actions (for example to send midi messages to an fx unit). A Song of course has a title but also a (shorter) ID which can be used to find the Song quickly in your Repertoire or in a Set.
  • Songs may be grouped into Sets, being the sequences of Songs to be played in a given performance. A Song typically involves one or more audio or midi file playbacks, but may be simply Trigger-controlled midi output messages.
  • Gig Control events are initiated by Triggers which associate an external event (keyboard press or the receipt of a midi message) with operations within Gig Control (for example start a song, pause the recording, raise the output level etc).
  • Triggers and Songs may call upon predefined sequences of events called Procedures. A Procedure can contain complex logic to determine the specific outcome from the current circumstances and the calling parameters to the Procedure.
  • Audio and Midi inputs and outputs within Gig Control are defined as Logical Devices, which effectively give meaningful names to physical devices in your setup. For example to define ‘FOH’ (Front of House) to be output 3 and 4 of ASIO device ‘RSE Hammerfall’, or to define ‘MidiPedal’ to be input ‘USB Midi In’. In this way a change to the physical setup can be readily handled through Device Configuration
  • Multi track Recording operates direct-to-disk.
  • Integrated SoundFont soft synth.
  • Sophisticated 8-track Looper Module

For the singer or performer using playbacks or backing tracks, Gig Control provides a serious step up from an MP3 player or from iTunes, Windows Media Player or a DAW :

  • All your Songs in one place, easily accessible, very visible display
  • Fast load of Songs - instantly ready to play
  • Set lists for each of your concerts
  • Remote control via Bluetooth or midi controller
  • Tweak the levels as you go or in rehearsal
  • Built-in recording and playback
  • NEW : 8-track Looper Module

For more complex set-ups with multiple parallel tracks, midi control, timed operations, lighting control then our Pro version has all you need.


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The trial version of Gig Control is free, and has all features enabled. The sole restriction is that only five Songs can be loaded or saved. See the PURCHASE page for details.

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