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About Gig Control

Gig Control was designed and built BY performing musicians and sound engineers FOR performing musicians and sound engineers. The program was initially built for our own use but feedback from our colleagues encouraged us to further develop the system and to make it available for your use. We are based in southwest France where we continue to perform live music, provide sound engineering services and where we have a recording studio. We are passionate about our music and about Gig Control and are committed to its continued development and support.

Registration information (SIREN, APE)

531 692 754, 4618Z


Auto Entrepreneur


Borsey, Richard


1 place du Calvaire, 17120 Arces, France


Please contact us if you have any questions or queries.

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trial version

The trial version of Gig Control is free, and has all features enabled. The sole restriction is that only five Songs can be loaded or saved. See the PURCHASE page for details.

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Do take a look at the product FEATURES, the options for PURCHASE, our FAQs and detailed INFORMATION on topics such as Privacy, Version History, Manuals etc.