What is Gig Control?

Live performance today is not just about making good music. It is about giving a great show – sound and lights precisely coordinated with the performance to give the audience an experience they will enjoy, remember and talk about long after the show is over. For many musicians, who maybe perform with only a small technical crew (or none at all), this has always seemed an impossible dream. This is no longer true! Gig Control enables you to create a fully synchronised professional audio and visual show wherever and whenever you play. From band rehearsals to stripped-down shows in smaller venues up to the biggest stage productions Gig Control gives you what you need to make every Gig a perfect Gig.

Gig Control was specifically designed and built FOR performing musicians and sound engineers BY performing musicians and sound engineers. It gives you full control over your gig. Backing tracks, click-tracks, stem mixes, multi-track recordings, midi files, midi control sends, midi trigger processing, complex logic (when needed) - all in one compact, solid and fast application. No more need for a bloated, slow and unreliable DAW. With Gig Control make every gig a Great Gig.

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The trial version of Gig Control is free, and has all features enabled. The sole restriction is that only five Songs can be loaded or saved. See the PURCHASE page for details.

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